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We create delicious gluten free desserts that are high in protein and made with whole foods

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Welcome to the bodybakery

Helping health driven humans ENJOY dessert, reach health goals and gain confidence in eating WITHOUT feeling guilty.

When was the last time you said "Yes please" with no contemplation on whether or not you should eat dessert?   We don't hesitate, feel guilt or vow to do more cardio just because of what we ate. We don't think you should either.  

The BodyBakery desserts break the stigma of healthy desserting.  We’ve created your favorite cakes, muffins and sweet treats building each with energy creating, feel good ingredients.  We pack our desserts with protein, fiber and whole foods that fuel your body and free your mind to enjoy!

"I never had a good relationship with food and that led to many unhealthy eating practices...once I fixed that relationship, everything changed" -Rebecca-

Cincinatti Magazine Article
Owner Rebecca Southern
Owner Rebecca Southern

Rebecca Ward

I am an innovator, a bodybuilder and a lover of all things sweet. As a child and young adult I never had a good relationship with food and that led to many unhealthy eating practices, chronic dieting, body dysmorphia and no self confidence, once I fixed that relationship, everything changed. I began to experiment in the kitchen and was determined to create a dessert that I could eat that would satisfy my sweet tooth and not throw me into a binge or give me guilty thoughts of ruining my health goals.


I wanted something that I could eat with confidence, knowing I was putting real, good fuel in my body. And now I get to share these wonderfully delicious desserts with you and throw the guilt out the window. Thank you for checking out The BodyBakery and may your day be as delicious as our desserts!

The BodyBaker

Peanut Butter Sammies

Hi, I'm REbecca

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"Oh, Lord I died and went to Heaven! First time trying these, and I'm SO impressed!!"


—  Liv

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