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What we do

Goal driven, macro-based specialty food used to fuel the body, inspire the mind & satisfy the soul.

Healthy whole foods take on an entirely new role here at The BodyBakery.  We are determined to provide only the best desserts that allow you to have your cake and eat it too!

Our goal is to use whole foods in their simplest form and reinvent them into some badass desserts.

Keeping the ingredients clean while your taste buds will feel so dirty!

Why we do it

The inception of The BodyBakery stems from two of my passions...staying fit and my insane sweet tooth.  I'm crazy enough to believe in the possibility of having it all and I am determined to redefine the stigma of food and healthy eating.

Join the experience as I jump right out of the box.  I take the silhouette of whole food and deceive your senses by creating desserts that will knock you on our tush and have a personality to match!


Rebecca Ward - The BodyBaker

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